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Payments from insurance

Insurance means households and businesses paying premiums to insurance and occupational pension companies in exchange for security in the form of compensation for damages, accidents, illnesses, or in the form of pension payments or savings withdrawals.

Insurance and occupational pension companies paid out a total of nearly 340 billion SEK in insurance compensation in 2022. The majority (82 per cent) of this amount was paid out from life and occupational pension insurance companies, while the remaining (18 per cent) was paid out by various non-life insurance companies. Compared to 2021, payments from pension and life insurance increased by 13 per cent (31.3 billion SEK), while payments from non-life insurance decreased by 9 per cent (-6.1 billion SEK).

In 2022, an average of approximately 26,500 SEK per person was paid out for occupational pensions and savings in private endowments and pension insurances. During the same period, an average of approximately 4,800 SEK per person was paid out in compensation for household claims and personal injuries.diagram_1.png