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About us

Insurance Sweden is the industry organisation for insurance companies and occupational pensions companies. About 50 insurance companies are members of Insurance Sweden and together they account for more than 90 per cent of the Swedish insurance market.

Insurance Sweden, under the leadership of its CEO Christina Lindenius, consists of around 20 employees who work with economic, legal and other analysis, as well as communication. We are part of the Association of Swedish Insurers, together with the Swedish Insurance Employers' Association, Swedish Motor Insurers and the Patient Insurance Association.

Insurance Sweden is a member of the European insurance and reinsurance federation, Insurance Europe, and participates actively in its work on various issues at EU level. Through its member organisations, national insurance associations, Insurance Europe represents all types of insurance and reinsurance undertakings, accounting for around 95% of total European premium income and more than € 10 trillion of assets. www.insuranceeurope.eu

We are also a member of PensionsEurope. PensionsEurope represents national associations of pension funds and similar institutions for workplace and other funded pensions. PensionsEurope’s member organisations cover different types of workplace pensions for over 110 million people and represents more than € 4 trillion of assets managed for future pension payments. www.pensionseurope.eu

We also work directly with different EU institutions, such as the European Commission and the European Parliament.


Min Pension i Sverige (My Pension in Sweden) – Min Pension i Sverige AB provides comprehensive pension information online to anyone entitled to a pension in Sweden. Min Pension i Sverige AB is a cooperation project between the government and the pension companies. Read more at www.minpension.se

Larmtjänst – Larmtjänst AB works to prevent insurance-related crime and recover stolen insured property. Read more at www.larmtjanst.se

GSR – GSR Skadeanmälningsregister AB has maintained an industry–wide register of insurance claims since 2000. The purpose of the register is to prevent settlement of claims based on incorrect information. Read more at www.svenskforsakring/gsr.se

The Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau

Together with Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) and the Swedish Consumer Agency, Insurance Sweden is responsible for the Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau. This is an independent advisory bureau providing help and guidance on insurance matters relating to private individuals' insurance policies. Telephone: 0200–22 58 00 (Monday–Friday, 9.00–12.00). www.konsumenternas.se

Review boards

Insurance Sweden is responsible for a number of industry-wide review boards. The review boards issue opinions on disputes between policyholders and insurance companies. The review boards' opinions provide guidance, for example on interpretation of insurance terms and loss adjustment practice. Read more at www.forsakringsnamnder.se

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