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Payments of claims increase for motor vehicle insurance

In Sweden, every motorized vehicle driven on the road must have motor third party liability insurance that covers personal and property damage in case of an accident. However, motor third party liability insurance does not cover damages to the driver's own vehicle.

For that protection, a separate motor vehicle insurance is required. Such insurance policies can also cover more complex insurance aspects such as theft and damages to the vehicle itself. In 2022, a total of nearly 21 billion SEK was paid out in insurance compensations for claims for these policies. The compensation were related to almost 1.7 million claims in total.

Since 2020, the payments for claims covered by motor vehicle insurances have increased by 13 per cent, while the payments for claims covered by motor third party liability insurance have decreased by 5 per cent. At the same time, the number of claims for which payments were made during the year of reference has increased by 8 per cent for motor vehicle insurances and decreased by 3 per cent for motor third party liability insurance.


Glass claims are the most common motor vehicle claims

Glass claim, such as damage to motor vehicle windshields, was the most common claim for which insurance companies paid compensation in 2022 (see figure 13). However, the highest total compensation was paid for motor vehicle claims.