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Accidents can happen to anyone

Ersättningskollen is a collaboration between Försäkringskassan, AFA Försäkring and Svensk Försäkring to show how much an individual will get in compensation if the person get sick.

Ersättningskollen - the "compensation-check" service – was launched in 2014. All calculations are based on the information on insurance protection that the governmental Försäkringskassan and every affiliated insurance company provides to Ersättningskollen. The calculations are also dependent on the individual user's own generalisations and assumptions.

The results of the calculations and the typical situations that are described in Ersättningskollen may differ from the actual compensation the policy holder may receive in the event of an insurance case and shall therefore not be seen as a promise of compensation in the individual insurance case. If the policy holder would like information relating to his/her particular situation, they must instead contact Försäkringskassan and the insurance companies that provide the insurance.

The service received several user experience prices during 2014 and 2015 and has so far had over one million visitors.

Ersättningskollen - how it works

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