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Traffic claim amounts are increasing

In Sweden, every motor vehicle used on the roads has motor third party liability insurance that covers certain claims arising from an accident. Damage to the vehicle of the driver who caused the accident, however, is not covered. The vehicle owner can take out separate motor vehicle insurance as comple­mentary cover. These policies may also cover more complicated insurance components such as theft and damage to the vehicle in connection with theft. In 2017 there were 1.4 million traffic claims arising from one of these policies, for which the insurance companies paid out almost SEK 15 billion in compensation.

Since 2008 the number of annual claims related to vehicle insurance has increased by 44 per cent, while the number of claims related to motor third party liability insurance has decreased by 23 per cent. At the same time the amounts paid out for both policies are growing. The amounts paid out from motor vehicle insurance have increased by more than SEK 3.9 billion (55 per cent), and the amounts paid from motor third party liability policies has increased by almost SEK 0.7 billion (23 per cent). An increase in claims amounts is expected, since the costs of repairs normally increase with the general price trend.

Glass claims are the most common vehicle claims

In 2017 glass claims (for example car windscreen damage) were the most common road traffic claims. These claims accounted for more than half of all claims covered by motor vehicle insurance. However, the most expensive were vehicle damage claims (damage to the vehicle), in terms of total payments.