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Savings in private endowment insurance increased in 2021

In 2021, almost SEK 410 billion in premiums were paid to pension and life insurance.

Of these, more than half (52 per cent) have been paid to occupational pensions and 44 per cent to private endowment insurance, which can be owned both by individuals and companies. Premiums paid to pension and life insurance have increased by 152 per cent (SEK 247.1 billion) over the past ten years. Of this increase, private endowment insurance accounts for 59 per cent (SEK 145.5 billion).

Compared to 2020, premium payments to private endowment insurance have increased very strongly, from SEK 108 billion to SEK 182 billion, an increase of 44 per cent. Both companies and individuals can save in private endowment insurance and the capital is invested in, for example, funds and shares. A positive development on the stock market may have contributed to the increase in interest in private endowment insurance.