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More than 26 million sickness and accident insurance policies

At the end of 2019 there were more than 26 million sickness and accident

insurance policies in Sweden. Policyholders or their employers paid SEK 18 billion in premiums for these policies. The reason there are so many sickness and accident insurance policies is that an individual can have several different policies of this kind. Just under half (49 per cent) were acci­dent policies and one third (33 per cent) were some form of sickness policy.

There are also combined policies for sickness and accidents, for example child insurance policies are normally of this type. Child insurance constituted about 11 per cent of all sickness and accident policies at the end of 2019. About 3 per cent were combined sickness and accident policies for adults.

Just over 44 per cent of sickness and accident policies in force at the end of 2019 were not paid for by the individual but by their employer. Just over 36 per cent of the policies were for group insurance, where a representa­tive – for example, an employer or trade union – has negotiated a scheme that an individual, via employment or membership, can sign up to, often at an advantageous price. The remaining sickness and accident policies are individual policies, taken out by the person themselves.

An increasing number of people have healthcare insurance

Healthcare insurance normally covers both healthcare and rehabilitation services. The content of the policies may vary somewhat, but generally includes medical on-call services, care planning and specialist care. Preventive and rehabilitative measures are often also included. Emergency care, intensive care or end of life care are not provided in the framework of healthcare insurance.

The number of healthcare policies has followed an upward trend for a long time. At the end of 2019 more than 681,000 people had private healthcare insurance. That is an increase of 57 per cent since 2010. Almost 6 out of 10 policyholders have their healthcare insurance paid for by their employer, and about 3 out of 10 policyholders have bought their healthcare insurance as group insurance. The remaining approximately 10 per cent have taken out an individual healthcare policy themselves.

In 2019 policyholders paid about SEK 3.5 million in premiums for health­care insurance.