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Increasing compensation amounts for traffic-related damages

In 2016 there were just over 1.3 million reported damages caused by traffic
accidents (see Figure 9). Insurance companies paid a total of SEK 14 billion in
compensation for these traffic claims. In the past ten years, the compensation
amounts for traffic-related damages have increased by about SEK 4 billion.
The average compensation amount paid for traffic-related damages in 2016 was
slightly more than SEK 10,500 per claim.

Glass damages are the most common damages for vehicles

In 2016, glass damages (for example damages on car windscreens) were
the most common traffic damages. These damages accounted for more than
half of all damages in motor vehicle insurance (see Figure 10). However, the
most expensive damages in terms of total payments made were vehicle
damages. Vehicle damage may occur, for example, in a traffic accident, if a
driver accidentally drives the vehicle into something or if someone damages
the paintwork.