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Large variations in the number of natural damage claims over the years

Natural damage includes damage arising from extreme weather conditions such as storms, torrential rain, flooding, landslides and avalanches. In 2018, there were 10,500 natural damage claims in Sweden that were covered by insurance, of which the absolute majority (8,400 claims) were caused by flooding and storms. In total the insurance companies paid more than SEK 590 million in compensation for natural damage.

The existence of different types of natural damage varies considerably from year to year. The most dramatic year to date was 2005 when the storm Gudrun in Småland caused more than 90,000 damage claims, with compensation from insurance companies of almost SEK 4 billion.

In the past three years insurance claims for natural damage were fewer compared with the three previous years. In 2018 it was mainly the counties of Västra Götaland, Uppsala and Stockholm that suffered most damage. The county with the largest total payments for natural damage, equivalent to just under SEK 99 million, was Uppsala.