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Almost everyone in Sweden has home insurance

Publicerad: 2022-09-21 Nästa publiceringsdatum: 2023-09-21

Most people living in Sweden have home insurance, but not quite everyone. Home insurance is actually a package of different insurance policies that can compensate the policyholder for such things as theft and fire.

The policy covers items that the policyholder owns, hires, or borrows for private use, such as furniture, clothing, household utensils, domestic appliances, and home electronics. It can also pay compensation for claims that may arise while travelling or if the policyholder is assaulted, required to pay damages or needs legal protection.

At present, it is estimated that more than 96 per cent of the population in Sweden has home insurance. Thus, just under 4 per cent, about 400,000 individuals, have no home insurance, which means that they lack such things as legal protection and financial protection both at home and while travelling. It is more common for men not to have home insurance, as well as people born outside Sweden, particularly those born outside Europe.